Reda Cherif

A native from Morocco, Reda Cherif came to photography when he was studying conflict resolution and international affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public affairs in New York City. Reda' studies and interests brought him to a myriad of places where he would use photography aestheticism to better decipher the complex world surrounding us.

His knowledgeably-chosen destinations started with Japan and went on with Israel and the Palestinian territories. Back form the latter, Reda won the prestigious Morningside Post photo essay held each year in New York City. His work was also chosen to appear in collective exhibitions in St-Andrews University, Scotland and Sciences-Po Bordeaux, France. More recently, one of Reda’s shots taken in Ramallah appeared in a collective exhibition at the Marrakesh Biennale Off held every other year in Morocco’s ocher city by Vanessa Branson.

Other destinations where Reda meandered his eyes include Jamaica, Cuba, Brazil, Mauritania,Croatia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Thailand, Myanmar, Senegal, Ivory Coast.

Reda is currently living in Casablanca (Morocco) , his hometown and by the same his base from which he rediscovers his native country, " a constant fascination that would humble any photographer faced with so many light challenges and opportunities. A honor to keep on what Steve McCurry, Martin Franck, Harry Gruyaert and Bruno barbey started here"


-Collective Exhibition, The Barron Theater (St Andrews University), March 2011
-Collective Exhibition, Faculty For Israeli-Palestinan Peace, FFIPP (Science-Po Bordeaux), November 2011
-Collective Exhibition, Biennale-Off (Marrakesh), Mastermind Project, March 2012
-Collective Exhibition, ArtisFair “75 oeuvres pour l’Heure Joyeuse”, Casablanca, March 2013
-Duo Exhibition, “Portraits croisés”, Musée de la Fondation Abderrahman Slaoui, June 2013
-Duo Exhibition, Loft Art Gallery & Fondation Credit du Maroc, November 2013
-Duo Exhibition, “Un jour par semaine”, Fondation CDG, June 2014

Written Work:

-The Morningside Post, Columbia University, “If I Sit Silently, I have Sinned”, New York, September 2010
-RUKH, “Sur un croc de boucher”, Summer 2013

-Blog Photographer for Kahenas, a community that brings together
the most talented and creative Moroccan artists, artisans, and designers

Prizes & Awards

  • Winner of The Morningside Post’s Annual Photo-Essay Contest (Columbia University, New York City), “If I Sit Silently I have Sinned” (Life in the Palestinian territories)